We’re proud to announce that the Latvian adaptation of Genera Networks global game format Nabor has been awarded second place in EL Innovation Awards 2022. 

Launched in 2021 and called Sporto Visi, the unique lottery let players choose and win with their favourite places all over the country. It could be their home, a favourite excursion spot or maybe the arena of their favourite sports team – any place can be the players ticket!  The emotional connection between the place and players adds an extra layer of excitement and creates a simple and unique player experience with no numbers.

In every draw one player wins the top prize and hundreds of secondary prizes are awarded to players participating with places around the main winner. 

Each week the is also an additional winner – the school nearest to the main winner wins money to invest in sports activities for their students.  

The game is supported by the Latvian Olympic Committee with the goal of creating an active and healthy country.  

The European Lottery Innovation Award is a recognition given to companies or organisations in the lottery industry for their outstanding innovation and contributions to the sector. The award is presented annually and aims to encourage and celebrate the development of new and innovative ideas in the European lottery market. The categories for the awards can vary but may include areas such as technology, marketing, social responsibility, and responsible gaming.