Nabor is a modern lottery format that combines frequent winnings with a simple, but highly entertaining draw mechanism.

It attracts new players and excites current customers.




Join by signing up for a monthly subscription or make single purchases
online, via mobile or at a traditional lottery retailer.

Every ticket in the lottery carries the home address of the player.



Nabor is easy to understand, yet more thrilling
than any traditional lottery. The game is designed
to attract and engage a wide audience – even people
who do not like gambling.





The social component is key to generating engaging content.
TV shows and social media add-ons are part of the format, as are mobile apps filled with information and entertainment.

With so many stories to tell, everyone will want to share the fun of Nabor.

Our customers

  • How do you create new lottery revenues of more than 100 MEUR in a small Nordic market while expanding an already wide player base?

  • In Finland the answer is spelled Naapurit – The Neighbours


Naapurit is Veikkaus new geolottery game.
It was launched to customers via online channels and at lottery retailers on 5th of May 2014. Like all lotteries based on Genera’s NABOR patent game format, players participate with their home address.
Expectations are high for Naapurit to be one of the biggest games in Finland. Winning together is more fun. Adding a social element to the lottery is what Veikkaus believes can attract new players.




The Norwegian version of Nabor is all about the winners, the places where they live and the stories they tell. It all started with the mission to deliver 300 MNOK annually to good causes without cannibalizing on existing lottery revenues. Through a public tender, Norsk Tipping decided that Genera’s geolottery game format Nabor was the solution that could bring new customers and new revenues.  Nabolaget, ”The Neighbourhood”, are available in all digital channels, via retailers and in-stores.

Nabolaget sales opened on January 26.
Friday nights in Norway have just gotten more interesting with the debut of Norsk Tippin’s latest lottery, Nabolaget (“The Neighbours”). The game’s first draw premiered Friday 13 Feb, as part of an exciting, weekly entertainment programme. The game’s main winner receives a whopping 1,000,000 NOK, while those closest to the main winner receive secondary prizes.




Genera Networks is a fast-growing provider of innovative lottery formats and gaming solutions.
We work with regulated operators to develop games that are unique in their combination of
simplicity, high entertainment value, broad distribution, and attractive winnings. Our lotteries
are designed for the latest technology to reach both existing and new target groups via internet,
social media, mobile, web-TV and traditional TV, as well as through traditional lottery retailers.



June 2015

Genera Networks has done it again! After a lengthy public procurement process in competition with multiple other larger suppliers, the Stockholm-based provider of innovative game formats successfully secured a new contract with Norway’s state lottery Norsk Tipping to provide game titles for up to 4 years for the operator’s Multix and Belago interactive video terminals (IVT). The contract is awarded to 3 suppliers in parallel and gives exclusive right to provide new content for all Norsk Tipping IVTs in the period.
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♦ About Nabolaget and Naapurit in the European Lotteries Magazine

April 2015

♦ Genera Secures Nabor™ Deal with GTECH

March 2015

2015 continues to be the best year for Nabor™ yet! Genera and GTECH have both recently signed an agreement that could soon see Nabor in your country.

The agreement with Genera Networks allows the world’s largest lottery operator to provide the Nabor format to GTECH’s customers globally. Nabor’s innovative play and lucrative financial performance makes it a unique opportunity for GTECH customers looking to drive up their sales or broaden their portfolio. As the preferred provider of interactive solutions to WLA customers, and with services in almost 100 countries, Genera and Nabor are well positioned for major growth and sales.
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♦ Norsk Tipping announces launch of geolottery Nabor in Q1 of 2015

November 2014

Norsk Tipping has received final approval by Norwegian authorities to launch Nabolaget, the lottery where neighbours win together. The game is based on the original concept Nabor, created and developed by Swedish provider Genera Networks.
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♦ Win with your neighbours

November 2014

Check out and play Nabor in stand 12 together with visitors of the World Lottery Summit in Rome, Italy. You will have the chance to win prizes and get a personal demo of our game Nabor. The winners will be presented in our stand on Wednesday. Be sure to check back with us before you leave Rome.
You can also book a meeting with us.


October 2014
Maria Sandell, CEO and Co-Founder of Genera Networks talks to EGAMING review about the company’s innovative social lottery NABOR, recently launched by state-owned lottery VEIKKAUS in Finland

eGaming Review (eGR): What is Genera?
Maria Sandell (MS): Genera was established in 2009 and is a fast-growing provider of innovative lottery formats and games. Since the beginning we have decided to focus exclusively on nationally, regulated operators. We develop games that are unique in their combination of simplicity, high entertainment value, broad distribution, and attractive winnings. Our lotteries are designed for the latest technology to reach both existing and new target groups via internet, social media, mobile, web-TV and traditional TV, as well as through traditional lottery retailers. With innovation, we really focus on products that have mass market appeal and that can be sold and distributed across platforms. We work hard to find new products and services that actually have the potential of a lotto type of game but with a more modern distribution and that appeal to a younger audience.

eGR: What is Nabor and Genera’s social lottery formats?
MS: Nabor is a lottery where you participate with your home address. One winner is drawn and secondary prizes are distributed, based on the geographical proximity to the main winner drawn in a raffle draw. This is what creates the effect that neighbours win together. As the game’s tag line puts it, ”You win when your neighbours win”. In every draw you get a geographical spread and concentration of prizes to people living in a particular community. Nabor is really about the people, the places and the stories they tell. This brings a social factor to the game and creates a game where you can win frequently, win together and you can share the joy of winning in the community.
For our first customer, the state lottery of Norway, Norsk Tipping, it all started with the mission for Nabor to deliver 300 MNOK annually to good causes without cannibalising on existing lottery revenues. The game is, as of May 2014, live in Finland with state lottery Veikkaus. Expectations are high for Nabor to be one of the biggest games in Finland with lottery revenues of more than €100m. Winning together is more fun. Adding a social element to the lottery is what Veikkaus believes can attract new players. After all, who doesn’t want to share a big win in the neighbourhood?

eGR: Do you think social lottery formats can attract new players to the industry?
MS: We believe so, absolutely. We believe that Nabor is one of the game formats that can help lotteries attract new players. Out of the total population of the country, very few of the younger generation actually buy in to the lottery format and so by offering a modern, entertaining and social game we believe that we can help create new revenues for lotteries on a global scale. Furthermore, it is very important to us that we support different platforms as we are providing mass-market products that appeal to a big audience and a wide variety of players.

eGR: Are there plans to expand Genera’s reach beyond the Scandinavian market?
MS: Absolutely. Genera is a B2B provider and we are currently live in Scandinavian countries where our games this year will generate more than €100m in GGR and we are looking at expanding our B2B lottery offerings into Europe and other parts of the world in the future. The game format that we have at the moment is innovative and can be launched in any market.

eGR: What other products do you offer?
MS: When we develop games we focus on simplicity. For all our games, winning and sharing is the key. In addition to Nabor, we have two other social lottery products, Favor and Viktor and an offering on VLTs. In Norway, we have launched four titles that now represent more than 65% of total sales in the country. Again showing that there is room for innovation by offering simple products to the mass market.

♦ Veikkaus launches geolottery Naapurit

Lottery players in Finland have big reasons to celebrate as the Finnish State Lottery Veikkaus launches a daily geolottery under the local name Naapurit (”The Neigbours”) on May 5th 2014. ”Naapurit is a moderngame that features a more social form of lottery. We believe in the idea that winning together is more fun”, says Veikkaus CEO Juha Koponen. ”Veikkaus strives to be a leader in the industry and we are excited to be among the first one’s to launch a geolottery format.”

The innovative twist in Naapurit is that players participate using their home address. Winners are drawn in a raffle and secondary prizes are distributed among ticket holders who live the closest to the main winner. As the game’s tagline puts it: ”You win if your neighbour wins.”

The Naapurit lottery will be accompanied by a prime-time TV show on two TV-channels and tickets will be sold via mobile and Internet as well as at lottery retailers. One entry is valid for all draws during a calendar month and players will have the option of subscribing to the game. The gameis expected to reach an annual turnover over 100 million Euros.

The Nabor geolottery is a patent pending game format created and licensed by the Swedish provider Genera Networks.

”Nabor is the first format that makes lotteries relevant to younger players by creating other drivers than the possibility of a big win”, says Maria Sandell, CEO of Genera Networks. ”It is a game about winners, the places they live in and the stories they tell.”

VEIKKAUS is a Finnish lottery for Finnish players. It offers high-quality gaming entertainment reliably and responsibly, producing each day over EUR 1,1 million of lottery revenue for the Finnish society. Veikkaus contributes the bulk of its proceeds to the Finnish State, which distributes it further to Finnish arts, sports, science and youth work.

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♦ Genera reaches 64% market share in Norwegian VLT market

Stockholm 2014-02-27
The games of Genera Networks reached a market share of 64% in December 2013 in the Norwegian VLT-market. The Norwegian VLT-market had a net revenue of 65 million Euro in 2013. The games are provided to the monopoly operator Norsk Tipping in their Multix terminals.
– In two years of operation we have proved that the new kid on the block can outperform companies like Aristocrat, Spielo and Scientific Games/WMS, says Maria Sandell, CEO of Genera Networks. In 2014 we project that our VLT-games will generate a net revenue in excess of 45 million Euro for Norsk Tipping.

Following the success in the VLT market, Norsk Tipping will launch Genera lottery format Nabor in the second quarter of 2014. The Nabor format, where neighbours win with neighbours, will be launched with distribution in all channels and a prime time TV-show.

Genera has signed one more contract for the Nabor format with a leading European lottery for launch later in 2014.

– Our goal for this year is to multiply the GGR of our games by five from 2013, states Maria Sandell. I can think of no other game provider that has started from zero and in three years reached a GGR in excess of 100 million Euro.

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