Women’s Initiative in Lottery Leadership (WILL)

Women in Lottery Leadership (WILL) launched late in 2016, to create a “highly-inclusive, multi-faceted program that paves a path for the talent, abilities, and passion of Lottery women professionals.” These are the words of Rebecca Hargrove, President of the World Lottery Association and President and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation, Founder and Chair of WILL.

The monumental program spans the globe with a mission to drive high-performance business growth by supporting the advancement of women into top positions of lottery management, leadership and responsibility. The WILL Group structure includes a Board of Directors, comprised primarily of all the female CEOs of lotteries worldwide and top-ranking women from the vendor partner community, as well as male CEOs with a strong track record of mentoring and supporting women in leadership positions.

“Our ambition is to create a path for women in our industry to realize their full potential,” said Ms. Hargrove. “There is so much untapped talent in our industry, and WILL is a perfect mechanism to unlock this pool.”

WILL is designed as a mentor/mentee training program. This format allows women to strengthen their leadership skills by working closely with leaders in the industry. Additionally, senior executives have the opportunity to pass along valuable knowledge and experience to their mentees. There are also a variety of training opportunities for the participants. “This collaboration is an ideal setting for strong professional development,” said Ms. Hargrove.

In addition to Ms. Hargrove and other industry executives the program is coordinated by the Public Gaming Research Institute (PGRI). To learn more, visit http://womeninlotteryleadership.com/.



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