Introducing Second Chance

We recently released the results of our 2019 Lottery Industry Survey and found some interesting insights from the operators of the WLA.  One that stood out was that while most lotteries recognized that innovation and new games were key in attracting the new generation of players, enhancing existing games was their primary focus.

You spoke, and we listened.

Genera Networks is excited to announce the launch of their newest game: Second Chance!  A digital game add-on that gives players who have lost a second chance to win.  Designed to create a loyal customer base by giving players more excitement and value for their money. The game offers ongoing engagement and a positive outlook for its players, while also mitigating problem gambling.  The digital capabilities allow for creative winner presentations, fun reminders and connections to the interests of the players.

We are thrilled to be introducing the game globally in 2019.

If you would like to know more about the game or other Genera Networks game concepts, please contact Vanessa Garro-Peeters at

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