Lottery Influencers

Want to reach that younger target market? Look at where they are and what influences their buying decisions. Think outside of traditional advertising mediums and showcase new products on social media via the people whose opinion they value. Let’s consider who influences the ‘next generation of players’.

Sponsored Influencers

The term ‘Social Media Influencer’ has recently come under a lot of scrutiny and seen many an eye roll. It seems like anyone can assign themselves this title and ruin your Sunday brunch with grand photo shoots of their food getting cold. Despite the influx of wannabes, however, there are tons of great, authentic voices who have become trusted advisors for their followers through quality content creation.  When they showcase their favourite brands and experiences, their opinion is valued, and followers use their wallets as proof.  No surprise, sponsored campaigns are a $10 billion-dollar industry.

According to Traackr, an influencer management platform, 72 percent of major brands say they are dedicating a sizable portion of their marketing budgets to influencers.  Will your lottery follow suit?  If the answer is yes, some things to consider:

Their followers

Are they organic or paid?  If paid, move along.

Are they mostly within the same region you service?

Is the product/game you want to feature the right fit for this group of people?

The messaging

Do their posts and views align with those of the lottery?

Sponsored content must be thoughtfully planned, executed or authentically aligned with the audience. The relationship between the lottery and the influencer should be a collaborative approach, rather than pushing a script, for it to resonate with their fans.



The Everyday Influencers

Next, consider the Everyday Influencer. This person may not have Kardashian status or sponsored content, but have their friends, family and local community members who value them and what they post.  User generated content is an exceptional marketing tool for lotteries.













How to best engage these everyday influencers?

Make them Ambassadors

Encourage them to follow you on your social media channels by incentivizing them with sneak peeks on new games, promotions and lottery news. By engaging your loyal players and creating an ‘insider’ feel, they feel inclusion and are more inclined to share the news.

Create winner awareness campaigns

Unless your winners have won a mega jackpot and are packing their bags for retirement in a Peruvian jungle, there is a good chance they would be open to sharing their story of how this win will impact their lives.  Perhaps their children will be able to go to university, maybe they’ll have the wedding they’ve always wanted or maybe a simple weekend away with the girls is what they’ll do.  Either way, they’ll have stories to share and you’ll have content promoting the good you do. Encourage them to share!

Hashtags help create brand and/or game recognition by serving as a mechanism for sharing and driving participation. The key is to make your hashtag unique, catchy and specific to your brand. You don’t want your fans/players/followers posts to be mixed with other company campaigns due to having the same hashtag.


When carefully considered (because sometimes they’re not), they are excellent ways of connecting players and potential future players to each other.  The games a lottery offers, for many, not only provides entertainment value, but also a feeling of hope and inspiration that a winning could bring.  Have your audience post a photo or a video of something they would love to have, if they won.


Consider a hashtag for the good causes you support. From a recent industry event in London this year, we saw a few of the half a million great projects Camelot supports. Think about the lives that are touched, both directly and indirectly from these contributions.  Players should realize that even if they don’t personally win, their community wins thanks to their contributions.

Outside of branding and game promotion, what other benefits can a lottery get from their influencers? 

Data!  Loads and loads of beautiful data. Views, likes, engagement rates, watch times, click-through rates, comments- these can all be seen and measured.  You know exactly what works and what doesn’t.  Remember to set up proper tracking, URLs or landing pages beforehand.


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