Good Causes for Lotteries

Operators have long had the challenge of changing the perception of the gambling world as some sort of seedy underbelly.  Despite each lottery giving a substantial amount to good causes throughout the year, this beneficiary is often overlooked by the general public.  When asked, people often had little understanding of how much of the lottery proceeds went to charity and who the recipients were. The ‘new generation of players’, AKA millennials, are altruistic.  Why wouldn’t we spend more time attracting them by educating them on this great element of gambling that’s already in place?  When we asked operators this, some said it wasn’t a priority, while others said that they intended to do more, but what to do was still unclear.  So, for the latter, here are some ways you can tell your players about, and attract new ones with, the good causes you help.

Align products to causes
We saw the DC lottery recently use their scratch tickets to feature various landmarks in the region, engaging the players with images that resonated with them.  If they could actually see the park, the school, the sports team, etc, that they give to by playing on the game itself, their game play would be much more meaningful.

Allow the player or winner to choose where they can allocate their dollars
While this has legislative restrictions in some regions, others have been able to allow the players to choose what registered charity the money goes to, personalizing the experience.

Map feature
Allow for an interactive digital map of the region that shows them exactly who benefits from their play. Parks, schools, libraries- all of these can be highlighted on the map.  This will really help them understand that their play directly impacts their community.

Social Media
Thousands of people benefit from the donations, let them share their stories to the communities that helped them on social media.  Perhaps create a hashtag that they can use that will connect people back to your organization.

What we’ve seen is that by highlighting these positive outcomes of gambling, the perception shifts from negative to positive.  This is particularly important in attracting not only non-players in general, but millennials specifically.

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