Taking part in a lottery is many things – tense, exciting, infuriating – but it usually isn’t personal. As the results are announced, each entrant scans their own numbers and hopes for the best with an every-person-for-themselves mentality. However, wouldn’t the lottery be more enjoyable if it was both more personal and less solitary?

Now, HERE and Genera Networks, the provider of innovative lottery formats and gaming solutions, have teamed to combine geocoding technology with lottery gaming, providing consumers with a more personal experience that is also easier to share with your neighbours.

How, though, do you make the lottery more personal? This is where HERE, Genera Networks and Nabor – its modern lottery – come in.

Nabor is unique in that it allows consumers to participate with their home address and win with neighbours. Consumers can buy tickets for a monthly subscription or make single purchases online, via mobile or at traditional lottery retailers, and every ticket in Nabor carries the home address of the player, with one ticket winning the main prize.

However – and this is where it gets interesting – secondary prizes are also awarded, and are based on the geographic proximity to the winner of the main prize. So, if you win, your neighbours win, and vice-versa.

In order to provide this service, Genera Networks turned to the HERE Geocoder, which allowed Genera Networks to geocode addresses and add geo-tags to these lottery tickets.

Winning big

So, why did Genera Networks choose HERE? With Genera Networks working only with regulated lottery operators, the company demanded the utmost level of reliability, quality, and security from its geocoding service, and HERE was able to ensure this.

With HERE data used in emergency routing products, the question of reliability has never been in doubt, and the easy-to use API for geocoding ensured that Genera Networks could quickly and easily use this technology to deliver a more personal lottery experience.

Genera Networks also required global geocoding coverage so that it could continue to grow and tap into additional markets, and with HERE offering this capability, technological constraints were never an issue.

The option to constantly store geocodes was also of significant importance to the company’s clients, in-particular state lotteries. These lotteries are subject to audits, and need to be able to provide a record of winners, including their coordinates, even if it’s years from now. This is why having rights to store geocodes is vital.

Striking the jackpot

The collaboration has already paid dividends, with high quality geocodes absolutely vital in ensuring the success of Nabor – after-all, the geocodes themselves are now the equivalent of a player’s lottery numbers. If they’re wrong, the game simply doesn’t work.

Thankfully, Nabor is fully functional and benefitting from the quality and accuracy of the HERE products. This has resulted in end-users enjoying a unique lottery game with a personal touch, with HERE instrumental in ensuring that your home, and community, can play a key role in your lucky break.

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