One of the world’s oldest lotteries Det Danske Klasselotteri A/S launches Genera Network ́s lottery format Nabor® under the local name Nabolotteriet. The Danish lottery’s first new product for more than 263 years will bring a new level of innovation for players and pick the fight in the highly competitive Danish gaming market.

The product launch is the fifth implementation of Nabor, which sets a world record in number of markets for a lottery format. In 2016, more than 500’000 players tried Nabor with revenue exceeding €50 million for Genera Networks’ licensees.

As Genera Networks CEO Rickard Strömberg states: “Nabolotteriet will be a new lottery experience fully integrated with Social Media, which will make it the choice of a new generation of lottery players. That’s how we convinced Det Danske Klasselotteri to launch their first new game in 260 years.”

As of 24th April 2017, all Danes can purchase Nabolotteriet on their smartphones or on the lottery’s website. The first draw will take place on May 7th 2017 and every week after that at least one new millionaire will be found.
“Danes are recognized among the happiest people in the world – and now the Danish players want to share their happiness between each other. In Nabolotteriet players win together with their neighbours, which makes the social element a key part”, says Elisabeth Rask Jørgensen, CEO of Det Danske Klasselotteri A/S.

“We will continue to build our success with Nabor, the world’s most licensed lottery format” says Rickard Strömberg of Genera Networks. “Nabor has in less than three years generated over 3,4 million prizes in Scandinavia. We are very eager to continue this success story in Denmark”.

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