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In a recent survey of people that do not play lottery games, ages 18-35, they were asked what deterred them from playing. Almost half of the respondents said, “I’d rather spend money on something that I’m assured to get enjoyment from”, indicating that traditional lottery games were not fun for them. This comes as no surprise. Digital marketplaces and technology companies have enabled consumers to fulfill their demands by providing immediate access to goods and services. This on-demand economy means that waiting a week for a draw is both archaic and underwhelming. In addition, the average person spends close to 24 hours a week on their smartphones and tablets, with the time spent growing larger as the age decreases. Games should be developed considering where people are, what interests them and meet their expectations.

In response, Genera Networks is introducing its newest development; Casual Lotteries. A new game category with mobile-only games for the regulated gambling market, designed with entertainment as its primary focus. Simple and casual to play, with the chance to receive monetary prizes.  All games are of chance, but with a perceived possibility to influence the outcome. The game concepts have been well received by lottery players and non-players alike, citing ‘a fun and exciting way to pass the time’ and ‘simple to understand’ as their top two drivers.  Mobile gaming provides a means to have fun while they’re on their morning commute or during down-time at home. Each game play averages 2-5 minutes, making it easy to pick up and put down, when necessary.

“There are a lot of considerations taken into account when we develop new lottery games, particularly around accessibility” said Tomas Malm, Director of Product Development.  “We want the games to be able to be played by anyone, so all games are easy to understand, in fact, a few are spins on classics we’ve all grown up with.  We also wanted to make sure that they were accessible from a technical point of view. Our games are very lightweight to fit any device as well as work with poor bandwidth.”

The initial release will have all players playing against the house. Future releases are to include player vs. player as well as tournaments.

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