Meet Sweden’s Top Designer

This month, Fredrik Söder, Head of Innovation at Genera Networks, was the recipient of the Honorary award “Designer of the Year” in the Swedish Design Award. This honour is given to esteemed designers who have consistently shown innovation and have pushed creative boundaries in their design concepts.

The Genera team has had the pleasure of experiencing Fredrik’s talent for the past 7 years, when he began working on the game concept for Nabor.  He has since continued to bring innovation and creativity to the forefront, the most notably being with the recent launch of the game concept Friends.

Fredrik is inspired to innovate for an industry that is traditional and continues to be challenged with an aging player base. His focus on creating stories and a strong brand around the games has resulted in their appeal with a younger demographic, a market segment that is obviously highly desired.

“What we produce should not just be a game idea, but a game concept that can be tailored to any lottery’s needs and abilities, while still appealing to a younger audience”.

We congratulate Fredrik on this incredible achievement and continue to look forward to seeing his innovative concepts.

For more information on Genera’s innovative game concepts, please contact Rickard Strömberg at

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